Helicopter Ride!

Through our work we are able to go on any of the tours for free depending on availability. Last week we were able to go on a helicopter ride with Temsco! It ended up being an absolutely beautiful cloudless day. Our pilot had worked there for 6 years and said it was one of the most beautiful days he had ever flown in. We were pretty lucky because we were able to go much further than cloudy Juneau usually allows. We flew over several glaciers and landed on the Gilkey Glacier where we were able to walk around and drink out of the fresh glacier stream. After that we flew further and saw mountain goats and a bear on the side of the mountain. At one point we flew right over the edge of a mountain peak and came across the most beautiful view of the ice field. It looked as if we were on the very top of the world. Again we were able to land, walk around and take some amazing pictures.

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