Ryan and I went snowmobiling with some people from my work. The first time we went we went to Cascade and snowmobiled up a trail to a beautiful snow covered spring cascading down (Hence the name). We hit some pretty fun jumps too!

Here is the beautiful cascading spring.

And this is us hitting our sweet jumps!!! I only got bucked off once! :)

The second time we went, 11 of us went up Farview Canyon and stayed the night in an old kind of rustic cabin. The only way to get to the cabin in the winter is to snowmobile in. So we hauled all of our stuff in on sleds pulled by the snowmobiles. When we got there we had to dig out the pump and the shed with the generator which were both covered with several feet of snow. Inside there was no running water so we had to bring that in and boil it over the stove. With no running water that means the toilet didn't flush. Next to the toilet was a bucket of water that you had to poor down the toilet to flush it. You then had to go outside and refill the bucket. It was a great weekend!

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The Raney's said...

Jealous! That looks like it was tons of fun!