In love and flowerless

The other day at work my co-worker's ex fiance came in and brought her a dozen dark red, beautiful, long stem roses. She was less than thrilled by the sight of them. I on the other hand was slightly jealous. Well a little later in the day a patient came up to her and their conversation sounded something like this:

Patient: Those roses are beautiful! What's the special occasion?

Co-worker: There isn't one.

Patient: Well the only time my husband gives me flowers is when he is being a jerk and he's trying to make it up to me.

Co-worker: Yeah that's pretty much what these are for too.

Right then it hit me. That's why I never get flowers (besides the obvious Valentine's Day and anniversary) it's because Ryan is never a jerk and therefore never has to "make it up to me." After overhearing that conversation I just couldn't stop smiling because I realised how truly Lucky I am to have Ryan and how lucky I am to not get flowers.


Janna said...

That makes me so glad. I'm glad you guys have the love thing. Love you, too.

Leisha Mae said...

The love thing? Interesting choice of words Janna. :) Congrats though Am, a good man is always better than flowers. I love that you are so happy!