September Happenings

I'm not a very consistent blogger so I've missed several months. So I'm going to go back month by month to update the things in our life.

First of all September. Our little Jax turned one month old and we were definitely still getting used to being new parents. On September 13th he smiled for the first time for me and not just randomly. Luckily I had the camera right there so I took this cute picture.

With fall coming we had the most beautiful colors here in Provo. One afternoon we decided to enjoy those colors in Provo Canyon and take a walk to Stewart Falls. Jax did great in our carrier until we started hiking out. He had a poopy diaper and a very hungry tummy. But we did get to take our first family pictures with all of us including Brickly.

The hike up.

The colors were so amazing!

Poor baby, we had to change his diaper on a rock, and as you can see it took three of us to do it.

The hike back, finally happy with Dad and a bottle.

We grew an awesome garden this summer...well I should say Ryan grew an awesome garden, although I did water it once in awhile... Anyways check out how HUGE our carrots got!

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Janna said...

Beautiful! I wish I could have seen that!