Catching up...

Sometimes I just let too much time go by between posts.  This is one of those times.  So once again here I am doing a quick Month by month recap.


In the middle of August we drove to Idaho to my parents house in Star.  Every August we have an annual backpacking fishing trip.  This year we had quite the turn out.  The only problem was fire.  Remember how this summer pretty much all of Idaho was on fire?  Well the lakes we intended to hike to were on fire.  My dad was frantically trying to find an alternative location.  After going though plan A then B then C.....until about plan J, we finally decided on a place.  But I must say, we grossly underestimated the difficulty level of this hike.

To make a long story short, hiking straight up a mountain and then straight down it (especially when you lose the trail on the way down) makes for a VERY difficult and dangerous hike.  After about 6 hours the last of the group finally made it to camp.  That group included my very brave and determined 5 year old niece Aubry.

Despite the difficulty of the hike and the unfortunately smallish fish, we all had a great time...

(This was the larges fish of the trip)

playing rook, 

watching Uncle Gary and Uncle Neil burn their pants,

celebrating Uncle Bob's birthday with a candle stuck in a snickers bar, 

seeing what happens to those who do not stake down their tents, 

shooting guns, 

and just being together.  

Four of the six brother.

Ryan and Brickly at the top of the mountain we had to go over to get to our little lake at the bottom.

After the hike we enjoyed several days at my parents house with lots of family!

We had way too much fun with a pink bike and a camera.

Five of us six sisters.  We missed you Leisha and wished you could have been there.

We had Jim, Leisha's husband, stand in to represent her :)

Jax loved his Grandma and Grandpa's water fountain.

Jax with his grandpa

Aunt Marybeth and some of the cute nieces and nephews

I LOVE that face!!!

This summer we were able to go to the 7 Peaks Water Park several times because we had the pass of all passes.  It was so much fun taking Jax.  He loved it!

And of course, shave ice afterwards!

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