The beginning of October was when Jaxton first showed interest in standing and walking on his own.  Before, we would try to get him to take a couple of steps but he would just collapse on the floor in a fit of rage.  One day, while I was at work, Ryan said he looked over at him and there he was just standing in the middle of the room.  For the next couple of weeks it was so fun to see him practicing standing up on his own and even take a few steps on his own.  He continued to get better and better all the time, but still preferred to crawl most places. 

Now, in the middle of November, he is a great walker and walks probably almost 50% of the time.  I love watching him because his arms are always up and flailing around.  We call him our little orangutan because that's what he reminds us of. 

For Halloween we had our annual family/friends party.  As always it turned out great!  The costumes were awesome, the food fantastic, and the games were fun.  There was a cake walk, a Thriller dance off, a doughnut eating contest, and a relay game, to name some of the fun activities that were going on.

Ryan and I decided that for our costume we wanted to do a family theme.  We had come up the idea of doing something fun with Jaxton's name and played around with a bunch of ideas.  In the end we decided to have him be "Jax" in the box.  To go along with that, Ryan was Colonel Sanders from KFC, and I was Wendy from Wendys.  I was sometimes confused for Pippi Longstocking or a hippie until they saw the whole family together.  But still, over all I think our costumes turned out pretty great!

Here are some random pictures of Jax.  We gave him a lemon to see his funny sour face, but he ended up loving it and wanting more when it was gone.  Silly kid :)

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Leisha Mae said...

What cute pictures! What a cute little boy!