Canoeing at the Mendenhall Glacier

We found some canoes behind the church so one day we decided to tie one on top of our car and take it to the Mendenhall. We had a great time even though there were a few times we almost tipped and fell into the freezing glacier water.
We canoed out to two different waterfalls both of which were HUGE! Here is Ryan with one of the waterfalls.
Yep...I'm walking on water.

After going to the waterfalls we canoed across the lake in front of the glacier to the other side where we got our and hiked up a little ways looking for ice caves.

We found the sweetest cave ever! It was huge and so so blue. After we explored it for awhile the boys decided to light some bottle rockets into it to see how loud it would be. It sounded like gun shots they were so loud.

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