Whale Watching and Orca Point Lodge!

We got on a whale watching tour and it turned out to be the best whale watch tour we have ever been on!!

The first part of the tour our boat took us to the Orca Point Lodge where we had a very delicious salmon lunch.
We saw tons of whales!
We were even lucky enough to be able to see the bubble net feeding which is where a group of whales work together to make a large circle of bubbles which traps the fish. They do that as they swim straight up and then all come out of the water at the same time with their mouths wide open. It is incredible to watch! It is very rare to see it because they only do it for a few weeks out of the year. Our boat ended up getting right in between two different groups of whales bubble feeding. At one point the boat turned on the sonar finder and we could hear the dominate female making the most eerie noises.

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this photo. Brandon actually took this amazing shot. Ryan and my camera died just before we saw the orcas. But still this is the most incredible picture I have ever seen. There was actually a professional photographer on our same whale watching boat who ended up getting the exact picture. His picture turned up on the front page of the Juneau newspaper a few days later.

Here's all of us on the boat minus Mike.

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