Tis the Season!

This year we decided to go out and cut our Christmas tree down. After hiking and hiking we finally found the perfect fat and fluffy tree.
Ryan's brother Brandon came with us. Bricky was having so much fun running around in the snow that Ryan had to hold her to make her be in the picture with us.

She had so much fun jumping as high as she could to catch the snowballs we would throw at her.

Sawing away..


For some reason as we were hiking and hiking looking for the perfect tree we didn't realize that we would have to hike that perfect tree back out with us.

After taking turns hauling the tree we eventually made it back to the car where we tied it on and headed home.

I love how fat and fluffy it is!


Janna said...

i want your doggy

Leisha Mae said...

That is a fat fluffy tree! It looks great all decorated! Thankd for a new post.:)

Rachel said...

so you're pregnant. what the what? i'm pretty sure Amberly's aren't supposed to have babies. i'll let this one pass though cuz i'm pretty sure your kids are going to be c-u-t-e. congrats. and i love your blog. polka dots suit you. oh and update please. love to hear about your life :)