4 Months Old!

December 15th, 2011
Jaxton turned four months old a week ago. We just love him to death! He's rolled over from tummy to back several times but hasn't done it in about 4 weeks. He's rolled over from back to tummy twice but hasn't done it again in about a week. He's learning how to use his hands a lot better. Just recently he has started to see his toys, want them, and actually pick them up. Anything and everything in his hands ends up right in his mouth. He's our drooly little man. He smiles all the time, loves to talk to anyone who will listen and has the cutest little squeals!
Height: 25 1/8th inches, 50%
Weight: 13 lbs 2 oz, 10-25%
Head: 41.6 cm, 25-50%


Leisha Mae said...

Too cute! I see you in him Am.

Janna said...

Love this baby! Both pictures are so cute!!

Mabry Brice said...

The baby is cuter than the dog. But then, I'm partial to humans. Love you!