Christmas and the New Year!

February 15th, 2012

I'm slow at getting this post up but Christmas was lots of fun for us. This year we stayed here in Provo and spent the holidays with Ryan's family. Christmas Eve we played games, had a white elephant gift exchange, watched old home videos, and watched their traditional Disney Christmas video. Chelle read the nativity story with Sienna's help and had pictures of it all on a felt board. Sienna was so cute and knew the story so well.

Christmas morning we woke up early and opened our presents. Ryan got me lots of stuff for my camera, including this camera bag!

All the present opening was too much for Brickly.

Jax didn't seem to have a clue what was going on but he seemed to enjoy himself.

After presents we had a delicious breakfast and then quickly got ready for church. The whole family decided to go to Ryan's and my ward because we convinced them about how cool the bells on our buildings organ is. It's one of those really old organs that they don't put in churches anymore and it is beautiful. Our ward organist as absolutely amazing at playing it. She adds things and does awesome key changes and just makes you want to sing loud. The neatest thing about the organ is there is a golden star at the top near the ceiling and when she pushes some button the star starts to spin which makes the bells start to ring. December is our favorite because she seems to play the bells most often with Christmas songs. Christmas morning we were not disappointed, we got to hear them not once but twice! Everyone loved them.

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