Jaxton 6 Months Old

February 23rd, 2012

Jaxton turned 6 months old on February 8th. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. I love every little stage that he goes through. Right now he is figuring out how to get around. He hasn't gotten up on all fours yet but he does a sort of inch worm move to scoot himself around and I must say he's pretty good at it. He has two little bottom teeth that have just come through and he is just a smiley happy baby. I think Ryan and I really lucked out to get such a good natured boy. We just love our little Jax so much!

Here are his measurements from his 6 month checkup:

Height: 25 3/4 inches - 25%
Weight: 14 lb 8 oz - 10%
Head: 43 cm -25-50%

Ryan and I took his 6 month pictures. Enjoy

Does he not look exactly like the Gerber Baby in this picture?

Here is our little family


Derek and Jen said...


April Ashton said...

I love the family picture. Jax is so Cute!!!! or should I say Handsome :)

Monica Smead said...

OH MY GOSH AMBERLY, JAX IS SO ADORABLE!!! He really does look like the gerber baby and your hair is getting so long. Love it!