We love that the weather is getting so warm.  We try to spend as much time as we can outside whether that means going on a family bike ride or walk, grilling dinner and eating outside or just sitting in our lawn chairs.  Jaxton seems to love being outside as well which is nice.  He really enjoys the baby swings at the park, although he is not a huge fan of the grass.

There is not too much new going on for us right now, but here is a little update on all of us.  Ryan is still enjoying his job which is great!  He is working at Rustica Hardware and designs parts on the computer for their custom doors.  

I am still working very part time at the doctor's office, but mostly I get to stay home with our cute little guy.  I have been doing more and more photography and I have been working on setting up a photography blog.  It's still in the works but I will definitely post it when I have it up and running.

Jaxton is still just as precious as ever.  Over all he is a happy smiley little kid who is in love with his mama.  Seriously that kid wants to go everywhere I go and gets upset when I don't pick him up.  He is quite the mobile little man.  He just had his third tooth break through this week.  Teething has been rough and none of us have enjoyed that.  Jax turns 9 months old next week so I'm sure I will be posting more about him after his 9 month appointment.  But in the mean time, here is a cute picture of him on Easter.

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Leisha Mae said...

Amberly, He sure is cute!! I love it!!