9 Months Old

Time just flies by so quickly.  Our little guy is growing up way faster than we would like him to.  He pulls himself up and stands all the time.  For awhile we had a box sitting in front of the couch and he would climb up on the box and then all the way up onto the couch.  He's climbed our first few stairs a few times and he follows his mom wherever she goes throughout the house.  He's starting to lean in to give kisses when asked. Of course they are the open mouth kind, but we take what we can get.  It's adorable.  He loves to mimic sounds and facial expressions we make, and he does a pretty good job of it too.  He smiles easily and he brings so much happiness to his mom and dad!  We just love our little Jax!

9 Month measurements:

Height:  28 inches  25-50%
Weight:  17 lbs      5-10%
Head:  44.8 cm     25-50%

Here are a few cute pictures of our little man!

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marnyb said...

Sooo handsome Amby!