Our Mediterranean Paradise!

Just to warn you, this is a long post with lots of pictures...

Thanks to my wonderful parents, Ryan and I had the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams of going on a Mediterranean Cruise!  Of the six girls in my family all but one of us, as well as husbands, were able to go.  The only thing that would have made the trip better was if Mabry and Mark could have gone as well!

The cruise took off on a Sunday and the port was just outside of Rome.  So most of us arrived in Rome a few days early so we could explore that amazing city.  Rome was awesome because it seemed like every building was just so old.  You would walk down the street and turn a corner to find yourself staring at some beautifully old architectural structure.  I also enjoyed it because pretty much everything was in walking distance.

Here are a few pictures from Rome...

Trevi Fountain

Some Huge Monument

The Colosseum 

 Inside the Vatican City

The Pantheon

The Colosseum

Our first stop on the cruise was in Messina, Italy which is on Sicily.  From there we then took the most horrifying taxi ride to a small town in the mountains called Taormina.  The driving there was absolutely crazy and I think our taxi driver just so happened to be the most crazy driver.  But the drive was beautiful as well as the town.  We were able to also see Mt Etna, which is Europe's tallest active volcano.

Mt Etna in the background

Our huge ship, the Navigator of the Seas

Next stop was Turkey.  We went to Ephesus and then to a beautiful little Greek town in the top of the mountains.  That was probably my favorite place of the trip.

The old library at Ephesus

The huge amphitheater

The most beautiful little Greek town in the top of the mountains

Probably my favorite place that we ate the entire trip

We then went to Athens, Greece and went on the Acropolis where we saw the Parthanon.  We also saw the olympic stadium, the Temple of Zeus, the changing of the guards, the Agora, and of course did some shopping.   I would say the driving here was almost as scary as the driving in Italy.

The view from the top of the Acropolis 

The Parthenon

The Temple of Zeus 

The old olympic stadium

Our last port was was on the island of Crete.  There we decided to go snorkeling in the beautiful  Mediterranean Ocean.  The water was slightly colder than I would have liked but so incredibly blue!  We loved it and thanks to our underwater camera we were able to take some fun pictures.

We had two days spent entirely on the ship.  There was so much to do that we never got bored.  We entered as many of the tournaments that we could like dodgeball, volleyball, free throw contest, the longest golf drive, team trivia and of course karaoke.  Between all 11 of us we took home lots of metals!  We also went to several of the shows they had on board, swam, went rock climbing, played mini golf, played shuffle board, played rook and ate lots of delicious food!

We had two formal dinner nights

 The dodgeball game that made Ryan famous

Rook of course!

Free throw competition

1st place, way to go Papa!

On our flight home Ryan and I  had an 11 hour layover in Paris, France.  So we decided to take a train into town really quick and see some the sights.  It was a perfect ending to our wonderful vacation!

And then we we able to come home to this cute face!

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