Our Big 1 Year Old!!

I can't believe how fast time goes by.  Has it already been one whole year since our little man came into this world?  It's crazy to think about how much Jax has learned and grown in that year.  It seems like everyday he is learning something new.

Jaxton loves to climb up and down the stairs and would do so all day if we didn't block them off.  He is the best eater and can just eat and eat and eat.  He loves playing with his toys and reading books.  He is just like his dad in that he is so good at figuring out how things work.  He doesn't say too many coherent words but is great at signing things like more food, I'm done, milk, and he just learned thank you.

We love our little man so much and have had the best year with him!  We look forward to many more wonderful years!

Height: 29 3/8 inches  -  50%
Weight:  21lbs 6 oz  -  25%
Head:  47.2 cm  -  75%

My mom came into town to visit and she bought him this stacking rings toy from Ikea.  He loves it and will sit and concentrate so hard on putting the rings on for like 15 minutes at a time.  Then when it takes him too long and he can't get one of them on he will get a pouty face and throw the ring in a fit of frustration. It's really cute.

This was Jaxton's first camping trip and he did great!  

And this is Jax just being his cute little self.

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