Snowed In

Now that Ryan is working I find myself at home with Jaxton a lot more than I use to.  I'm not complaining, I truly love spending so much time with my sweet little man.  With the freezing weather that we have had the past month or so it's been a little difficult coming up with new fun things we can do to entertain a little 1 year old's curious mind.  So I did what most others would do and looked for ideas on pinterest.  I must say I found some pretty awesome ideas!

One day I decided to make some homemade paints.  I found a great recipe that is easy to make and non toxic.  It's a good thing too because Jaxton definitely tried some.  I just plopped down a few blobs of paint right on his highchair tray and let him paint all over that.  At first he wasn't too sure about the whole idea.  But he quickly realized how much fun it was to paint not only on his tray but also on his body.

And then he went straight into the tub, which is pretty much his favorite activity anyways.  So he had a fun day.

On another day I decided to try another fun idea I found. I had been saving and washing all of the egg shells that I had used the past several days.  When I had a bowl full I gave them to Jax to play with.  When I first gave him the eggs we wasn't too sure what to do.  Then when he accidentally crushed one he was holding.  He looked up at me like "oops".  But when he saw me smiling and I told him good job, he got into it and had lots of fun crushing all the shells.



Janna said...

Fun ideas! He looks so big!

Leisha Mae said...

What a cute big boy! I love those ideas, Lathen is looking at the pictures and may want to trade moms.