2014 So Far...

Here's my month to month recap of our life…this is becoming more and more common.  I'm just no good at posting on this blog often, but at least I get to it once in awhile right?


My mom came and stayed with us for a week after Cami was born.  I am so grateful for her coming.  She was the biggest help and very much needed.

Jax built his first snowman and was super proud of it!


We discovered how difficult it really is to get that popular newborn picture.  You know the one.  Where they lay there looking like they are holding their own heads up.  Well I'll let you in on a secret…they are not!

And some random pictures.


Cambria was blessed by her father.

Leisha, Marybeth, Valerie, and I went shopping at Costco and decided to all be twiners!

We went to Idaho to visit and Jax was able to fulfill his life long dream of driving an excavator.  Thank you Mark!

We bought a huge pile of dirt to spread around parts of our back yard.  Jax and Brickly both loved to climb it.

Other pictures from March.


We enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebration with lots of family and friends.  I'm always so grateful for this time of year where we remember and celebrate not only the resurrection of our Savior but also his love and Atonement for each of us.

Other pictures.


Poor Jax burned his cute little face on the popcorn popper.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I feel like the luckiest Mom ever to have these two kiddos.

We did a little exploring of Santaquin and went on a fun little hike.  Jax was such a trooper and walked most of the way himself.

For Memorial weekend we met up with my family at Downata Hotsprings near Downey, Idaho.  It was  so much fun and a perfect way to spend both our holiday and my birthday.

Other pictures from May


In June we had an Ossmen extended family reunion.  As part of that we went to Provo's Children's Parade.  We helped the kids make their own t-shirts to wear for the parade, which they loved!

Other June Pictures


Michelle said...

What a great post. You have such a darling family. So cute! Glad you're doing well!

Janna said...

What a fun recap of such a cute family! Love you guys!!