In March we started looking for a house to buy.  Ryan started working at Rocky Mountain West Telecom in December and it's way down in Nephi.  His commute it about 40 minutes each way, which isn't horrible I guess, but still we thought it would be smart to be closer to his work.  We have been looking in the Spanish Fork and Payson areas.  So far we've had no luck, but hopefully soon!

Easter was at the end of March this year, which is always kind of weird, but luckily the weather turned out to be really nice.  That same Easter weekend my cousin Lauren got married in Salt Lake City.  My parents and my sister Mabry along with her family came for that and we had tons of fun!  Some of them stayed at our house for a couple days and then we all stayed in a hotel in Salt Lake for the weekend.  The wedding turned out beautiful and we were able to have a fun little Easter egg hunt for the kids at the Capital.

Jax caught on pretty quickly about finding and picking up the eggs but then he also found out pretty quickly that they were full of candy.  He would pick one up and then immediately try to open it to eat the candy.

Here's Jax and all his Brice cousins with their findings.

Here are some random cute pictures.

This is what my parents brought Jaxton home from Saudi Arabia!  He thinks he's so cool when he has it on.  When he pulls out the knife he makes this sort of "whshing" sound.  It's supper cute!

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