I know I'm still only on April, but I'm slowly but surely catching up.  One of these days I'll be back on schedule.

Jax and I, along with a bunch of Ryan's family, discovered an awesome park.  It's perfect for little kids like Jax yet fun for older kids too.  Instead of steep stairs to climb and slides with a huge drop off at the end where kids fly off, they had a sloped ramp and slides that ended close to the ground.  They also had a huge sand box that everyone loved and a big pirate boat that the kids could go up into.  To make it all even better, the entire thing is fenced in with only one entrance with a door that could be closed.  Here are some pictures of Jax loving our new found park.

We also went to the Hoggle Zoo in Salt Lake for our niece Ari's birthday.  It was such a blast, I only wish Ryan could have come.

Jax loved seeing all the animals and he was so cute to watch.

But the polar bear was by far the best!  She would swim right up to the glass, pop out of the water, then flip over onto her back and push off the glass with her feet.  All of this was done right in front of where we were all standing in front of the window.  We stayed there for a long time watching her do it over and over.  I got a video but for some reason it won't load on here.

Here are a couple random pictures of our little guy.  I made him an Ewok costume because when he walks, and especially whenever he runs, he looks just like an adorable little Ewok.

I can't get over how perfect he is!

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