I'm Back…for now at least

January 13th, 2014

Well I think it's time to start blogging again.  I've gotten lazy, I'll admit but I feel so behind and I know I'll never catch up.  It makes me a little sad to think of all those events that will never make it onto my blog all because I was a little lazy.

Anyways, a lot has happened since last I blogged.  The two biggest events being that we bought a home and that we are expecting baby number two!  In about a week and a half actually. As far as our house goes, I absolutely LOVE it!  Owning a home is so much better than renting!  It needed a TON of work when we moved in so we have kept very busy.  I will very soon dedicate a whole post to some before and after pictures.  But for now, here is a picture of the front.  Please keep in mind when we moved in the yard was already fried :)

As for catching up, here are some highlights from each month:

May - We went to my parent's house in Idaho and had a wonderful reunion where we played tons of games, stayed up late, went paint balling, made a meal for the Ronald McDonald house, played music, celebrated my birthday at the park, played tennis, and made a delicious sampler dinner meal with some amazing food!  The best part though was just being able to relax with my family.

June - We went to Yellowstone with the whole Ossmen side.  It was such a wonderful trip.  We stayed in a cabin in Island park where the weather was beautiful.  The day we went to Yellowstone we experienced every season from nice and sunny and warm to freezing and snowing.  We had a blast though and I wouldn't change any of it.

This trip is also when we announced this…

July - Nothing huge happened this month but I did cut these perfectly lovely locks off

And discovered an adorable grown up little man.

August - Jaxton turned 2!  I can't believe we have a two year old.  We celebrated it at Rock Canyon park where we had lots of fun flying kites…or trying to fly kites.  The wind wasn't as good as we were hoping it would be.  We also closed on our house and spent a majority of the month packing up everything.

September - We moved into our new house!!!  And then spent the next 4 months cleaning, painting and fixing everything in it.  But like I said, we LOVE it!  When we moved in we didn't have running water for the first three or four days.  Then when that finally got turned on we didn't have a working water heater for another two more days.  Needless to say it felt very much like camping in our own dirty little house.  So here is a picture of us on our first morning there eating breakfast burritos cooked on the grill.  They were delicious!

We also found out we are having a little girl!  Here's me at 20 weeks.

October - We enjoyed many fun fall festivities.  We went to The Red Barn here in Santaquin where we got to go on a hay ride, go down a huge fun slide, race on these little tractor looking carts, go through a maze, and pick out a pumpkin.  Jaxton especially loved the slide and even still talks about it once in awhile.  We also had our annual Halloween Party and we dressed up as s'mores.  Ryan and I were graham crackers, my belly (with the added help of a pillow) was the marshmallow, and Jaxton was the chocolate.  I actually forgot my camera that night so I don't have any pictures of us.  I know others do though, so maybe I'll put one on here eventually.

November - We had a bunch of my family come and stay with us for the week of Thanksgiving and we loved having them!  My parents came, Marybeth, Valerie, and all of Mabry's family.  Mark was nice enough to spend his vacation helping us install a door from our garage to our back yard.   We appreciate that so much and have loved having it there!  We also went to Hang Time where Brandon got us all in for free, rode horses, went swimming, saw the lights on Temple Square and played lots of games. We had quite the crowd for Thanksgiving dinner.  Along with all of my family, Ryan's family also came.  Somehow we were able to fit everyone in and had a great time being together and playing games.

December - We had a huge snow storm and got tons of snow!  Jaxton loved everything about it.  He loved playing it it, eating it, watching Brickly run around in it, and even helping his daddy shovel it.

We also were able to have two Christmas celebrations.  Since we were going to be in Idaho for Christmas we celebrated early with the Ossmens.  We had our traditional white elephant gift exchange and somehow Jaxton ended up with the dreaded bus that has been going around for the past 6 or so years.  We played games, did our gift exchange and had a blast!  

On Christmas Eve we drove to Idaho to be with my family.  Luckily the weather great and the roads were perfect.  We had such a wonderful time there with everyone.  Janna's family came as well as Marybeth, and we spent time with Mabry and her family most days too.  Christmas morning was great.  It was fun to see Jaxton's excitement when he first came down the stairs and saw the tree all lit up and presents everywhere.  It was a good thing that the plasma car was for him because he immediately jumped on it and started riding it around.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever!

We also played some sweet bluegrass music!

All in all it's been a great year!  It's always sad to see another year pass but so exciting to see what the next year holds in store for us.  For one thing, we are going to have a sweet little baby girl join our family in just over a week and we couldn't be more thrilled!  Good bye 2013 you've been good to us.  Hello 2014 we are excited to see what adventures you bring!


Michelle said...

Yay for a blog post! Yay for a house! Yay for a baby girl! And Yay for everything else! So excited for you. Baby girls are awesome, and having two kids can be so fun! Thanks for the update--I was wondering how you guys have been lately. Good luck with the upcoming baby!!

Janna said...

I came here to see if there were baby pictures and found such a delightful post!! I'm glad it's been such a great year and I LOVE the Christmas photos. Hilarious!